Wolverines Voyage Pvt Ltd has been introducing a new and effective membership program associating with various business organizations or establishments as well as professional individuals who are listed in Wolverines Voyage’s business directory. Anyone can associate with Wolverines for this membership program listing through our website www.wolverinesvoyage.com

Advantages for Suppliers / Business Firms / Individuals

1. The wolverines listings is a network which is effective and rapidly growing system. Usually the promoting company “Wolverines Voyage Pvt Ltd” will make different marketing strategy to overcome tough business situations. The associated partners will get the benefits of this marketing strategy and promotional schemes.

2. The wolverine membership card has been building a concrete bridge in-between customer and supplier

3. The Wolverine membership card is a self-promoting tool. i.e The card holder touching any listed companies, they will get special consideration and it will inspire them to visit your firm continuously.

4. Business establishments can block online threatening through offering special promotion schemes using Wolverines listings.

5. The listings including different type of products as well as services which will lock the customer.

6. The listing companies or Individuals can launch your product or services addressing to mass audience who are became a wolverine

7. There is no future headaches or limitations for listing associates because they have full freedom to join or leave from wolverine community.

8. Automated promotion will be happened through delivering new memberships

9. The membership card will overcome geographical limitations as it will help to calling the customer who are in travelling.

10. The membership program promoting by the company Wolverines Voyage Pvt Ltd who will reach up to reputed brands, manufactures, service holders and establishments without effecting legal procedures or restrictions.

11. There is no any special criteria or conditions to become a wolverines associate. The choice and rights totally belongs to associated companies, firms, organization or Individuals.

Advantages for the Publics (Members)

1. If anyone became a wolverine, the member will get special package schemes, discounts and other promotional program benefits which are organizing by Wolverines Voyage Pvt Ltd with their associated business or service organizations or Individuals

2. The member can use this card over geographical boundaries.

3. The member will get newsfeeds timely regarding special offers and promotions.

4. The member having variety options to use it without any fee. Totally it is free service

5. There is no expiry date for “wolverines “membership”. It is life time membership

6. The membership will get anyone through just a registration process in our website www.wolverinesvoyage.com

7. There is no terms and conditions to get membership.

8. The member will automatically became a part of huge network.

9. Associated company or firms or Individuals also getting member’s benefits automatically through their listing process. They already become a member during their listing process.

10. The membership card can use for their relatives or friends as it will not be restricted.

11. Individual membership can use for the group purpose i.e Group Tours, Family Outing, School & College excursion and family shopping etc…

12. The members can download and print their membership card himself. Only the membership number will be referential factor for business associates.

13. The member can avoid fake offers and complicated packaged with hidden charges through using their membership facility.

14. The card will protect the member from online spider network.

15. The member’s having variety choices to choose asper their needs.

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